Tesla-Y 3/14 LA-CA reveal> (less-range, more co$t than model3)

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Tesla-Y 3/14 LA-CA reveal> (less-range, more co$t than model3)

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Tesla Will Reveal Sub-$40,000 Model Y On March 14th In California
March 3rd, 2019  The highly anticipated compact utility vehicle is expected
to be in higher demand than ... Make no mistake though, as electric vehicles
continue to move into the ...

Tesla to unveil Model Y on March 14, says Musk
March 3, 2019 ... 'Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3,
so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for same battery' ...
The Shanghai Gigafactory, based in eastern China, aims to manufacture Model
3 and Model Y cars, with annual capacity of 250,000 vehicles ...

Tesla Model Y SUV will be unveiled March 14th
And the third version of Tesla’s Supercharger will debut this week
Mar 3, 2019  Tesla will unveil its Model Y crossover SUV on March 14th
during an event at the company’s design studio in Los Angeles ... Musk had
previously joked that the Model Y would be unveiled on March 15th “because
the Ides of March sounded good ...

Tesla Halts Online Vehicle Orders Ahead of Announcement
February 28, 2019  Great things are launching at 2 p.m.” Representatives for
the electric-car maker haven’t elaborated on tweets Musk sent earlier to
promote news that will drop at 2 p.m. Thursday in California. Tesla s...

Tesla pauses online ordering for Model S, X and Model 3 ahead of 2pm
All would-be buyers of Tesla’s all-electric vehicles are taken to
www.tesla.com/soon and a page that simply reads, “The wait is almost over.
Great things are launching at 2pm.” Internal airbags are a ...

Tesla Gives Up on Factory Stores, Will Only Sell Cars Online
February 28, 2019 - If you'd like to buy a Tesla in a few months, you'll
need an internet connection ... Forget about test drives or buying a car in
person. Tesla won’t accept any orders that way in the coming months. New
return policy means you can buy a car and then give it back after a week.
More than half of U.S. states still do not allow Tesla to sell direct ...
Tesla set to CLOSE stores and only sell electric cars online
01Birmingham Live-5 hours ago
Tesla will only sell its electric cars online as it accelerates its cost
cutting so it can realise its long-running goal of selling a mass-market
sedan for 35,000 dollars ...

Tesla unveils its long-hyped US$35000 Model 3
Mar 01 2019  "Tesla is committed to making not just the best electric cars,
but the best cars, period," the company said in a blog post. The company's
stock dipped slightly in ...

The Boring Company’s Chicago tunnel attracts the ire of critics: ‘I can’t
wait to kill it’
The description of Musk coming off as a “grifter” also echoes much of the
criticism thrown towards the CEO by skeptics like Tesla bears, who are
betting on the fall of the electric car and energy comp...

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