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Tesla investigating autopilot-napping-worker @Fremont-CA (v)

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Tesla service worker caught on video might've used Autopilot mode to nap
2018/06/10  Sasha Lekach

Tesla worker sleeping while on autopilot

A short video posted this week appears to show a Tesla mobile service worker
not paying attention to the road or holding the steering wheel.

The electric car company has custom Model S sedans for its mobile service
team [
] and it looks like one worker was using Tesla's semi-autonomous mode,
Autopilot, for whatever reason. It's not possible to know if Autopilot was
engaged from the short video and it's also not clear if the person is
sleeping [
], momentarily looking away, or dealing with something else entirely.

A Tesla spokesperson said in an email, "We take safety very seriously and
are investigating this incident.”

The video poster says a friend filmed the video earlier this week near
Fremont, California where Tesla is based. Tesla's mobile service [
] brings maintenance services to owners so they don't have to go to a
service center.

The possible misuse of Autopilot comes as Tesla continues to defend the
semi-autonomous tool for making driving safer. Autopilot is supposed to be
used for advanced cruise control and auto-steering, but is not fully
autonomous and drivers need to keep hands on the wheel and eyes on the road
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