Tesla sez 'Voltage Instability' caused Tesla-S P85D Fire @Shanghai.cn SuperEVSE

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Tesla sez 'Voltage Instability' caused Tesla-S P85D Fire @Shanghai.cn SuperEVSE

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Tesla Blames 'Voltage Instability' For Shanghai Super Charger Station Fire
MAR 13, 2017  Tycho De Feijter

Screenshot via CarNewsChina.com

On March 4 two Tesla Model S electric cars were heavily damaged by a fire in a super charger station in Shanghai, China. The fire originated in the battery compartment of a P85 D, on the right side of the vehicle just under the front passenger door. The fire then engulfed the right-rear of another Model S which was parked next to it, completely melting down its rear suspension.

Originally, Tesla stated that the car where the fire started was not charging, and photos do indeed show it's not standing next to a supercharger. Tesla has now issued a new statement to Chinese media saying the fire was caused by "voltage instability" and that the car where the fire started had been partially charged earlier that morning.

During the charging process the owner got a "vehicle error" message and the charging stopped. The vehicle was then moved aside for inspection and another Tesla took its place on the charging pole. It was then that the fire started in the first car.

Tesla says that the voltage instability led to a malfunction of a sensor of the "high voltage junction box" in the charger, causing it to stop charging. The instability was likely caused by an ongoing expansion of the charging station, expanding from six to twelve chargers. The addition of the six extra chargers led to instability in the existing six. How that happened exactly is yet unclear. Tesla has said that it will further investigate the accident.

A close call for Tesla in China. Luckily there were no passengers in either vehicle, but if there were they would almost certainly have been injured. It also appears that the staff of the station made a vital error when they blindly believed the "vehicle error" message and apparently neglected to check the pole.
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Not-charging Tesla-S P85 caught fire, burned Tesla-S near it @Shanghai.cn
MARCH 8, 2017  Two Tesla Model S electric cars caught fire at Tesla's Shanghai Jinqiao
super charging ... The accident happened ... in the afternoon of March 4 ...

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