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Thanks: evdl nabble archive is back up ...

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My thanks to those that made the effort to get the evdl nabble archive back up and running.

While the alternative method I used yesterday [
] works, in the long run, I feel it uses a whole lot more of evdl member's intray (yes, some have complained). Thus, I came up with using the evdl nabble archive to retain the news items but only post one, nightly item with all the links. This minimizes how much I clog evdl member's intrays with my EVangel efforts.

Slimmer pickens ...
BTW, the newswires are still laden with Koch Bros paid anti-EV items. Several of the items I have cleaned up and queued, after re-reviewing them, I had to toss them into the bit bucket/recycle bin. They just did not have anything more than an agenda to smear with.

On a weekly basis, the amount of EV items I find are feast or famine. A couple of days late in the week may have a lot of items worthy of your time, while the rest of the week is pretty slim (famine-time).

I use a method of not delaying how long I wait to release these, yet at the same time, while these items are queued, I will spend time adding to them other summaries I find that are related. This is why you may see more 'stuff' at the bottom of my news post, than just the one piece. I find sharing many items on the same topic gives more detail as well as the opportunity to show other factors that are also going on at the same time.

From time to time, you may find I provide less items. This is because, the amount has dried up. During today's Donald times folks, it is going to be this way (not as robust as in the past).

Reaching way back in my memory, back in the days when the Internet was 'new' and few people were paying for a dialup isp connection at home (let alone having a PC of their own - circa 1990s), the amount of EV news items I would put out were not every day. There just wasn't that much to find (search engines were awful back then, as those were pre- google, yahoo days - anyone old enough to remember web-crawler?). But as time progressed, much more was made available, and I would share what I had found.

Compared to what I used to have (having to get and transpose EV items from paper magazine pages), we (the plugin community) are bathed in a wealth of interesting items (it is so much easier now). I doubt anyone today would even consider reading a news item I had found that were months old, that I had OCR scanned from an Automotive magazine, and ported the text to a EVLN post. Those were much leaner times, and anything we could get to read about EVs were few and far between.

So, perhaps much like the way my VA Dr. wants me on a lower caloric (as well as low sodium) diet, we may also have to get used to going more 'EV-news-story' hungry on a daily basis :-/
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