Toronto Hydro seeking volunteers for 4yr Smart-EV drive-lease

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Toronto Hydro seeking volunteers for 4yr Smart-EV drive-lease

Wanted: Electric car lovers  Nov 29 2010  John Spears
Toronto Hydro is looking for another 16 volunteers to try driving
electrically for the next four years ... to ante up $545-a-month ... for
an all-electric, two-seat Mercedes-Benz “smart fortwo” car ... If cars
are charged up overnight ... they’ll be using power from ... power
stations, which have spare capacity ... Anyone interested in one of the
cars should apply at [ ]
[image] The 2011 smart fortwo electric drive ... Equipped with a
30kW/40hp electric motor that ... is highly efficient and delivers
impressive performance. The battery resides within the floor so that the
vehicle’s spacious interior remains intact. This intelligently designed
two-seater achieves a range of approximately 135km with a top speed of
100km/h, more than enough for daily driving. In addition, the battery
can be charged at any home or public charging station. Includes many
comfort and convenience features such as:
    * Air Conditioning with automatic temperature control & pollen
      filter, panoramic roof, power windows/locks, heated mirrors, 6
      airbags, 15” alloy wheels, all-season tires (front. 155/60, rear.
      175/55), esp, abs, electronic power steering, leather steering
      wheel & gear knob, folding armrest, smart charge communication
      unit, dashboard instrumentation, smart sound-system with
      subwoofer, and USB/Aux inputs
    * 4 year, 80,000 km warranty
Dimension & Capacity:
    * Wheelbase of 1867mm
    * Length of 2695 mm, height of 1542 mm, width of 1559 mm
    * Curb weight of 890 kg
    * Trunk capacity of 220L
    * 2 passenger
    * Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 16.5 kW/h, weighing approx
      148 kg
    * Max. output of 30kW / 40.2hp, Max. torque of 120 [Nm / 88.5 Lb-Ft]
    * Rear wheel drive
    * 1 speed transmission
    * Achieves a 20-80% state of charge in 4 hours at 240V and a 0-100%
      state of charge in 8 hours
    * Can be charged using 110V, but this will require approximately
      double the charging time
    * Range of 135 km with a top speed of 100 km/h
    * Acceleration of 0-60 km/h in 6.5 seconds
Offer Details
As the first public electric vehicle pilot program in Canada, the
Toronto Hydro smart Experience will provide 15 selected Lead
Ambassadors with the following:
    * smart fortwo electric drive lease for $545/month, for 48 months,
          o Unlimited km/year
          o Free 4 year, 80,000 km vehicle maintenance and roadside
          o Winter tire package
          o smart fortwo electric drive welcome kit
    * Free home installation and use of a home electric vehicle charging
      station, free of charge, during the term of your lease
    * Free charging at public and select smart charging stations
    * Distinct government issued green license plate, allowing special
      access to HOV lanes (
    * Emission free peace of mind
Ontario Paves the Way for Electric Cars  June 18, 2010
The Ontario government has an ambitious electric vehicle vision to have
one out of every 20 vehicles driven in Ontario be electrically powered
by 2020. To support this vision, Ontario has announced a number of
measures to help individuals, businesses and organizations choose clean
and efficient vehicles, and to expand the battery electric vehicle (EV)
market for manufacturers.

Effective July 1, 2010, Ontario businesses, individuals and
organizations will be eligible for an incentive towards the purchase or
lease of a new plug-in hybrid electric or battery electric vehicle.
Purchasers of EVs can also benefit from:

    * Green [license] plates, giving drivers access to the province’s
      high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes, even with only one person in
      the vehicle
    * Access to public recharging facilities at GO stations and other
      Ontario government parking lots
[image] Toronto man gets first electric drive Smart  MICHAEL BETTENCOURT
Dec 01 2010 ... The first modern electric vehicle from a mainstream auto
maker went to the first Canadian EV driver Monday. In a pilot project
with Toronto Hydro, Bill Tharp received keys to a fully electric Smart
fortwo Electric Drive, which will be leased to him for four years at a
cost of $545 a month ... That price includes a significant amount of
aid by Toronto Hydro, which will cover the cost of installing a
240-volt charger in Tharp’s garage, upgraded wiring to install the
240V outlet – the same kind of plug used for dryers and electric stoves
– as well as all the electricity that Tharp will use to power the little
two-seat electric runabout over four years of downtown commuting ...
[image] Preview; 2011 electric Smart fortwo  
By Gabriel Gélinas, Canwest News Service June 17, 2010 ... The electric
Smart fortwo will not be sold outright in Canada but rather leased over
a four-year period to corporations, which will account for 80% of the
clientele, [and 20% of the lessees are as individuals]



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