Trade An Old ice Car For An Electric Bike At A SF-CA Shop

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Trade An Old ice Car For An Electric Bike At A SF-CA Shop

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Trade An Old Car For An Electric Bike At This Shop

A bike store in San Francisco is incentivizing sustainability by offering to purchase drivers' old vehicles, in hopes that they'll purchase a bike

The New Wheel, an electric bike shop operating in San Francisco, wants to get people away from driving cars and encourage them to use an electric bike instead. To incentivize drivers to make the switch, the store is offering to purchase customers’ vehicles.

To begin the process of incentivized sustainability, the shop sends the details and mileage to Roadster [
] to gather an estimate of the vehicle’s selling price. The customer should receive an offer within 48 hours. Interestingly, the customer who chooses to sell their vehicle to the New Wheel has no obligation to use the funds to buy an electric vehicle. Anyone who comes in can also exchange an old bike they no longer ride.

The New Wheel’s electric bike offerings range from $2,500 to $10,000 [
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