Two 12V ?PbSO4? e-rickshaw batteries exploded in W.Bengal .in

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Two 12V ?PbSO4? e-rickshaw batteries exploded in W.Bengal .in

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Explosion in e-rickshaw kills driver in West Bengal's Malda
July 02, 2020,  A 26-year-old e-rickshaw driver was killed after his moving
vehicle exploded ... two of the four batteries that power the e-vehicle
exploded ... driver Mohammad Illius ... body was ripped into pieces and the
vehicle was severely damaged ...

+ (BYD EV got fake-chop'd $ponsorship-deal= .cn security $uck$)
 ... HONG KONG - Tencent’s hot-sauce fraud case reeks of expired technology.
The Chinese video-games titan ... taken-in by crooks pretending to work for
Lao Gan Ma(old godmother hot-sauce),  using a forged company seal(chop) to
ink an advertising deal ... 3 crooks aim was to obtain gaming activation
codes that Tencent distributed alongside the advertisements, and resell them
... Such old-fashioned methods have burned others in the past ... archaic
holdover 'chop', a red ink stamp (used since 1600 B.C) without which no
signed corporate or government document is valid ... In 2018, the Arsenal
Football Club fell victim to criminals pretending to represent Chinese
electric-vehicle maker BYD; they too used forged chops to sign a sponsorship
deal ...

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