US125XC Float Voltage Puzzler

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US125XC Float Voltage Puzzler

Rob Trahms

Hi All -

1989 VW Cabby
16 x 6v US125XC batteries (96V)

I have read on this site and the US Battery FAQ that the resting open
circuit voltage for these 6V batteries is 2.17Vpc / 6.51V per battery /
~104V for my pack.  Is this most people's experience?

I charge to an acceptance charge of no more than 7.75V per battery / 124V,
but have never seen resting voltages above 101.5V for the pack.  Am I
missing something?  Perhaps I am not leaving the batts at the acceptance
charge long enough (1-2 hours after reaching the acceptance voltage).  The
FAQ recommends 2-4 hours, but I wanted to check with other folks on their
experience with US125XCs as well.


Rob Trahms
[hidden email]
Electro - the Cabby-EV

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