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Well...  ? Unscathed ?    I think I would like to take a close look at
the left drivers side of the Tesla-S, when the Subaru is backed OFF of
this phenomenal accident before I would call it "Unscathed"...   Just

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> Subject: [EVDL] Tesla-S survives ice-killer unscathed> LA-CA EV
> mounted sideways
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> % ? What would an auton EV done: Stop& not hit either ?
>    ? Ok to hit EV to save animal ? %
> https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-model-s-survives-one-in-a-million-traffic-accident-virtually-unscathed/
> Tesla Model S survives ?one in a million? traffic accident virtually
> unscathed
> January 4, 2019  Simon Alvarez
> [image
> https://www.teslarati.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/model-s-strange-incident-2-1-e1546627364436.jpg
>   / Beverly Hills Police Dept/Instagram
> share
> https://www.instagram.com/p/BsBSJkzlVbj/
> bhpd_90210  Beverly Hills, California
> bhpd_90210  But how you ask? Great question! The driver of the Subaru
> ?swerved to avoid a fox or a dog.? Oh by the way, the Tesla window did not
> even break ...
> ]
> It is no secret that Teslas are among the safest vehicles on the road today.
> Being constructed from a hybrid of aluminum and ultra-high strength steel,
> Tesla?s electric cars can take a beating. Thanks to their all-electric
> design, the vehicles also feature generous crush zones to protect its
> passengers in the event of an accident. Sometimes, though, Teslas get
> involved in traffic incidents that are so unusual, they have to be seen to
> be believed.
> Take this particular accident shared by the Beverly Hills Police Department
> on their Instagram account, for example. Before 2018 ended, the BHPD
> uploaded an image that pretty much looked almost like it was photoshopped.
> The image featured the aftermath of an incident involving a Subaru SUV
> crashing into a parked Tesla Model S. According to the BHPD, they were
> informed that the driver of the Subaru swerved to avoid an animal on the
> road, which caused the SUV to skid and almost roll over. Unfortunately for
> the Tesla, it was parked on the path of the SUV.
> [? teslarati.com]
> https://www.carscoops.com/2019/01/subaru-outback-somehow-mounted-tesla-model-s-la/
> A Subaru Outback Somehow Mounted A Tesla Model S In LA ...
> January 1, 2019 - However, we're inclined to believe that they're real since
> they were released by the Beverly Hills Police Department and it is far too
> early for an ...
> https://images.carscoops.com/2019/01/3b4141f6-subaru-outback-tesla-model-s-crash-2.jpg
> https://insideevs.com/wild-crazy-subaru-parks-top-tesla-model-s/
> Wild & Crazy: Subaru Parks On Top Of Tesla Model S
> Dec 31, 2018  What in the heck happened here? It seems the Subaru driver
> thought the top of a Tesla Model S was the perfect place to park. Wow! It?s
> like a perfect balancing act gone both right and wrong. It?s right because
> the Subaru seems to be holding steady in place, but wrong because it?s on
> top of the Tesla ...
> +
> https://www.570news.com/2019/01/05/overheated-e-cigarette-battery-causes-small-fire-on-flight/
> Overheated e-cigarette battery causes small fire on flight
> Jan 5, 2019  HICAGO ? American Airlines says a passenger?s electronic
> cigarette caused a small fire on a flight from Las Vegas to Chicago ...
> e-cigarette?s battery overheated ... after Flight 168 landed Friday night
> ... flight attendants stamped out the fire. No one was injured ...

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Seattle EV Association
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