Utility& EVmaker discounts to move metal: New 2017 Nissan Leafs for $15k

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Utility& EVmaker discounts to move metal: New 2017 Nissan Leafs for $15k


len moskowitz via EV Tue, 29 Aug 2017
 ... I received an email from our local electric power utility (PSE&G) announcing a $10,000 rebate program with Nissan dealers in NJ. It allows us to buy a new Leaf for $15,000 (after the $7,500 US tax rebate) ...

Nissan is doing a push to move-metal before their next-gen Leaf comes out in Sept. Other EV makers are also pushing old-models before the 200+mi EVs are released into the wild.

Below are search results, and then what I have already posted (I stopped posting these, there are just too many). Since this Utility, EVmaker tie up seems to be all across the U.S. (and possibly Canada),  I suggest the EV interested check their local utility web site and or local EV dealerships for discount deals like below:

Daily Energy Insider
PSEG Announces Joint Promotion With Nissan USA
New Kerala-Aug 25, 2017
In addition to the $10,000 Nissan rebate off the MSRP, customers could be ... The sale o

Nissan extends $10000 Nissan LEAF incentive for SRP customers
AZ Big Media-Aug 18, 2017
To participate in Nissan's incentive program, SRP customers must present the discount code, along with a copy of the customer's SRP utility bill or e-bill, to a ...

San Diegans could get $20000 off price of electric car
Inhabitat-Aug 15, 2017
... of a $10,000 discount off the purchase of a 2017 Nissan Leaf or a 2017 BMW i3. ... When the state of California's $2,500 EV rebate and the $7,500 federal tax ...

New electric car for less than $10000? Sonoma County makes it ...
Santa Rosa Press Democrat-Aug 11, 2017
... incentive program — on now through Oct. 31 — offers deals on nine models ... the program covers the Ford Focus EV, Kia Optima and Soul EV, Nissan Leaf, ...

Sustainable Westchester offers discount program on electric Nissan ...
The Journal News | LoHud.com-Jul 27, 2017
Joe McLaughlin recently checked out an all-electric Nissan Leaf painted with the slogan “see how it feels to #kickgas.” After a test drive in New Rochelle, NY ...

Green Mountain Power Offers $10000 Rebate On Nissan LEAF
CleanTechnica-Jul 17, 2017
Nissan Leaf “At GMP, we are committed to helping our customers find ways to use clean sources of energy and to save money, as we partner on a new energy ...

Special Electric Vehicle Discount Offered to Westchester Constituents
The Examiner News-Jul 14, 2017
... electric vehicle consultant, EarthKind Energy, for a $10,000 discount on the 2017 all-electric Nissan Leaf. The program is available to all constituents who live, ...

AEP Offers $10000 Discount On New Nissan LEAF Through End Of ...
CleanTechnica-Jul 11, 2017
The offer is a $10,000 discount on the price of a LEAF. The discount can be used in conjunction with the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric vehicles. Buyers ...

Washington Electric Co-op members can save on electric vehicles
vtdigger.org-Jul 10, 2017
WEC members may also receive up to $7,500 in tax incentives in addition to the $10,000 instant rebate. With the Nissan Leaf MSRP starting at $30,680, WEC ...

Nissan offers SRP customers discount on all-electric car
Apache Junction Independent-Jul 10, 2017
Salt River Project has arranged for Nissan North America to offer SRP customers the opportunity to purchase a 2017 Nissan Leaf from a participating dealership ...

Nissan Now Offering $10000 Off LEAF Deal For University Of Oregon
InsideEVs-Jun 30, 2017
Nissan North America is now offering the popular deal to the University of Oregon – a special $10,000 discount on the 2017 LEAF. When used in conjunction ...

UO community offered $10000 discount on electric vehicles
AroundtheO-Jun 27, 2017
UO community offered $10,000 discount on electric vehicles ... students and staff a special rebate on the purchase of a new 2017 Nissan LEAF electric vehicle.

Discounts, Rebates Making Some Electric Cars More Affordable
FOX 21 Online-Jun 7, 2017
Through the month of June, Minnesota Power is offering a $10,000 discount to customers who buy a Nissan Leaf electric car. Along with a $7,500 dollar federal ...

Lots of ways to get $10K off 2017 Nissan Leaf electric car by end of ...
Green Car Reports-Jun 5, 2017
The 2017 Nissan Leaf might well be the hottest electric car deal on the market right now, with a slew of potential discounts. Nissan is working with numerous ...

=== (and these go on and on, more and more) =======================

EVLN: OK& VT utilities offer EV purchase discounts
Nissan offers $10,000 discount to OG & E customers
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. customers this month can buy a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle for about half retail price, including incentives offered by the federal government and...
Jun 05 2017

FL& OH utilities& Leaf EV dealers offer a $10k purchase rebate
AEP giving customers more time to buy a Nissan Leaf with a $10000 ... The utility is interested in a big boost of electric vehicle charging stations ...
Jul 06 2017

 EVLN: WA Electric Co-op members can $ave on EVs (ends 9/30) & OR Incentives
... Washington Electric Coop Members Can Save $10,000 on 2017 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles Through Partnership with Freedom Nissan East Montpelier, Vt: ...
Jul 17 2017

EVLN: Nissan doubles down by taking $20k off> $31k new Leaf for $11k in S.Hadley-MA
... Hadley is the only municipal utility company participating in the program in Western Massachusetts ...
Jul 13 2017

EVLN: A $20k EV Discount from BMW& Nissan w/ San Diego utility SDGE
Here's How to Get a $20,000 Discount on an Electric Car
Aug 16 2017

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