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Utility encouraging WiFi-connected EVSE 2control grid-load

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Austin Energy tries to encourage Austinites to buy electric cars
January 18, 2019  Jack Craver

[image  / austinenergy.com
(Bolt EV @L3 EVSE)

Last week, the city of Austin was awarded a coveted $2.5 million grant from
a foundation funded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to pursue a
number of environmental initiatives focused on energy efficiency and green

While the Transportation Department will be using part of the grant to zero
in on getting people out of their cars, Austin Energy is leading an effort
to get the vast majority of Austinites who do drive to opt for electric

At a Monday meeting of the Electric Utility Commission, Austin Energy staff
and members of the commission discussed the challenge of getting drivers to
go electric. One of the big problems: car dealerships.

“Salesmen don’t like to sell these things because they don’t make any money
and the dealer doesn’t either,” explained Commissioner Michael Osborne, who
is also chair of the board of the Texas Electric Transportation Resources
Alliance, an advocacy group.

The problem, said Osborne, is that electric vehicles don’t require nearly as
much maintenance and rarely need major repairs. Since dealerships make much
of their money servicing the vehicles they’ve sold, they’re not as motivated
to sell electric cars. Thus, dealers tend to offer their sales reps less
generous commissions for electric vehicles.

There are roughly 6,800 electric vehicles in Austin. That puts the city
above average, said Karl Popham, manager of electric vehicles and emerging
technologies for Austin Energy.

The electric car market nevertheless remains decidedly niche, mostly
occupied by those who are passionate enough about the technology to seek out
an electric vehicle on their own. Rarely, however, does a consumer go to a
car lot to browse and end up leaving with a new electric vehicle.

Popham said he has heard “horrendous” stories from people trying to buy
electric cars. They often receive inaccurate information about the mileage
that the cars can get per charge or the federal and state tax credits
available for electric vehicle purchases.

Over the next two years, Popham’s team will reach out to dealerships to
provide education on the vehicles in hopes of boosting electric vehicle

“With the right educational tools and messaging in place, we commit to
complete training and outreach to 100 percent of regional car dealerships
that show strong demand for electric vehicles by December 2020,” said the
work plan that the city submitted for the Bloomberg grant. “With assistance
from the Climate Challenge and enhanced dealership education for electric
vehicles, we think the Austin region will have over 10,000 electric vehicles
on the road by 2020.”

This new effort supplements existing initiatives that Austin Energy has put
in place to facilitate EV adoption. The utility already has more than 650
charging stations around its service area. Drivers get unlimited access for
only $4.17 a month.

While many EV owners plug their cars into ordinary electric outlets in their
garages, AE offers rebates that cover 50 percent of the cost of purchasing
and installing a 240 volt charging station, which charges the cars faster.
The maximum rebate for a normal station is $900, but the utility offers an
even bigger rebate ($1,200) for Wi-Fi-connected stations.

The goal with connected charging stations, explained Debbie Kimberly, who is
in charge of the utility’s energy efficiency programs, is to allow AE to
reduce the charge during peak demand (usually between 4 and 6 p.m.).
Thousands of AE customers are already enrolled in a similar program that
allows the utility to adjust their thermostats to reduce energy consumption
during peak demand.

The grant does not provide the city cash but rather $2.5 million “in a
technical support package that may include things like a full-time adviser
to work on the development and implementation of our projects, outreach
support, data analysis and technical support, stakeholder engagement
strategy and facilitation,” explained Amy Petri, a spokesperson for the
city’s Office of Sustainability.
[© austinmonitor.com]

Michigan utility board OKs $10 million in private subsidies for electric car
charging program
Jan 16, 2019  The state of Michigan's support for electric car subsidies
continued this month with the approval of a $10 million program to promote
infrastructure for charging ...

Maryland Moves Forward With Statewide EV Plan
January 17, 2019  The Maryland Public Service Commission approved a series
of electric utility ... deploy charging stations to support these heavier
vehicles that slash harmful air ...
Tesla sells a new wall charger, Maryland backs away from big EV charging
1/16/2019 ... Ratepayers would be charged for the project, which is probably
why the PSC denied the utilities' original plan for a network of 24,000
charging stations ...

eyes partnerships with electric vehicle makers
January 21, 2019  MANILA ELECTRIC Co. (Meralco) is considering a partnership
with makers of electric vehicles as it aims for wider adoption of the
environment-friendly mode of transportation in the Philippines, company
officials said ... is the country's biggest power distribution utility with
around 6.5 million customers ...

Singapore utility group rolls out first batch of electric vehicle charging
January 9, 2019 - SP Group has launched its 38 charging points at eight
locations across the island, that use a [L3] mix of 50kW direct current and
43kW alternating current, as part of its plans to build a network of 1,000
charging points by 2020 ...

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St. Louis Park will mandate electric vehicle charging stations in new
parking lots
2019-01-22  Council members voted 6-0 Jan. 7 to require the owners of new
and reconstructed lots to add electric vehicle charging stations, a move
city leaders hope will encourage drivers to use electric ...

Minnesota Utility Tees Up Programs to Support an Electric Vehicle Future
23 Jan 2019  In a filing late last year, Xcel Energy’s Minnesota division
put forward two new electric vehicle charging pilots. One target...

Burlington Electric Announces New Incentive Providing Discounted Electric
Vehicle Charging Rates
2019-01-23  Burlington (VT) and its electric utility have been promoting the
use of electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions and move the ...

Petro Canada starts deploying its own electric vehicle chargers at gas
January 22, 2019  Petro Canada, formerly a state-owned oil company in Canada
but now part of Suncor, becomes the latest oil company to get invo...

PG&E's Bankruptcy Could Hurt California's Aggressive Climate Goals
Jan 15, 2019  A big barrier to people buying an electric vehicle is a lack
of charging stations, ... California's high fire risk remains as long as the
planet keeps warming and ..

Company claims to harness AI for quicker electric-car DC fast charging
Jan 24, 2019  At CES earlier this month, GBatteries demonstrated that it
could charge a 60-kwh battery pack, made up of off-the-shelf lithi...

Hubject And Greenlots To Bring App Free And Card Free Charging To EV Drivers
Making charging as simple as pumping gas is essential now that more and more
drivers are switching to electric vehicles." ...

Greenlots charge= paying $hell-Oil> acquired another EVSE.net
Shell Acquires Greenlots to Lead North American EV Charging Push
January 31, 2019

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