VW-lies/Audi adds ice-sound to e-tron EV in $1.2B Avengers movie

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VW-lies/Audi adds ice-sound to e-tron EV in $1.2B Avengers movie

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Avengers movie adds gas engine sound to Audi’s electric e-tron in product
placement fail
Apr. 29th 2019  Fred Lambert


With the launch of their new electric SUV in the US, Audi is now making a
marketing push for the e-tron vehicle lineup — making it one of the rare
legacy automakers advertising electric cars.

In its latest effort, they had an important product placement in the new
Avengers movie, but they added some gas engine sounds to electric Audi

Note: this article is spoiler-free.

Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” debuted this weekend and the film
features the all-electric Audi e-tron Sportback concept and the Audi e-tron
GT concept.

Loren Angelo, vice president of Marketing at Audi of America, commented on
the product statement:

    “Since Tony Stark introduced the world to the iconic Audi R8 in 2008,
Marvel fans have really embraced the brand. We’re eager to introduce them
now to the all-electric Audi e-tron SUV and expect an equally strong fan
reaction to Tony Stark’s new supercar the all-electric Audi e-tron GT

The electric vehicles are quite predominantly featured in the movie, but
they appear to have made a big mistake in the audio editing.

In one of the main product placement scenes, Tony Stark is seen driving the
e-tron GT aggressively and they obviously added gas engine sounds on the
footage of the superhero billionaire driving the all-electric concept

We contacted Audi to have a comment about what happened there and we will
update if we get a statement.
Electrek’s Take

I love that Audi is making a big marketing push for its upcoming lineup of
e-tron vehicles. They are buying ads, making marketing campaigns, and that’s
rare for electric vehicles in the industry.

But I feel like the execution could be a lot better.

First off, I don’t understand why they focus the advertising on the models
not yet available, like the e-tron GT and e-tron Sportsback, instead of the
e-tron SUV, which is hitting the market in the next few weeks and it is
already available in Europe.

Secondly, they seem to make some missteps, like those engine sounds in this
product placement.

I like that electric vehicles are being featured in mainstream movies like
that, but some people won’t even know it’s electric if it has engine noise
edited on top of the regular electric motor noise.

Maybe it’s not their fault and the production company behind the movie did
it, but you would think that Audi would have oversight over the final
product since they are paying for it.
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