Valence: trickle overcharge does not shorten LiFePO4 life

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Valence: trickle overcharge does not shorten LiFePO4 life

Dan Frederiksen-2
I took a long shot and asked Valence for data on overcharge damage.
obtuseness aside and a few emails later he eventually said they didn't
have that data readily available. I then asked him to inquire about a
rough statement from the battery engineers

"I understand. Instead, could you get a loose guiding statement from one
of your engineers as to how sensitive LiFePO4 cells are to trickle
overcharge. For instance would 1 hour 0.1C overcharge for every charge
A) have virtually no effect on the cycle life of the cell
B) have 20% reduction of cycle life
C) halve the life
D) destroy it in a few cycles"

he answered:
"Choice A would be the most accurate"

he could be talking out of his ass like so many of them do and there are
subtle variations in the chemistries so we need more corroboration but I
was certainly not disappointed with his answer. if he actually
understood what I was asking they are more robust than I had hoped for.
1 hour every cycle is far more than needed to equalize as I see it.
maybe 1 minute every cycle


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