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Volvo/Geely's premium EVs 4Waymo(goog) auton-Robotaxis (v)

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Polestar Will Build Some Sort of Ride-Hailing Robotaxi with Waymo
June 27, 2020  Volvo's premium EV ... details ... are sparse ... will come
out with a new EV platform just for ride-hailing vehicles ... called Waymo
Driver, and Waymo has been testing it in vehicles from a number of
automakers ... Volvo thinks that self-driving vehicles will be safer than
today's human-piloted models ...

+ (covid quarantined KS engr builds e-quadracycle/nEV ts:25mph)
Overland Park inventor builds his own car from random items during pandemic
2020-06-26 ... Trompter’s “Model T” uses pieces of bicycles, metal shelving,
a shower door, and a broomstick among others to form a car with an old-timer
feel to it ... The car uses two electric motors, and it even has a backup
camera system ... neighbor, said this would-be Elon Musk is genius ...

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