Who is squelching conversation on this listserv?

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Who is squelching conversation on this listserv?

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On Tue May 15 06:07:50 PDT 2018 [hidden email] said:
>I'd like to know who is removing posts on this listserv and what criteria they are using.
>The post about the electric roadster from Hammacher was interesting to me, and I would have liked to read the thoughts of other Sparrow owners.  I started a discussion about the feasibility of converting Tesla's home battery system for a Sparrow a few years back and that was taken down also.  I read the hullabaloo about yanking posts regarding converting Sparrows to combustion engines.
>There are less Sparrows on the road every year.  This forum should encourage MORE discourse instead of less.  Perhaps whomever is taking down the contributions of Sparrow owners should reevaluate the mission of this group.

I think the moderator is just being overly strict about the "Sparrow Only" rule in this group.
There has been more discussion of the Hammacher vehicle (and other similar ones coming out) over on the Electric Vehicle Discussion List.

Even this posting you made appears to have been deleted. (Just checked on Yahoo out of curiosity)
I only see it because I use an email program that pulls down a copy of every msg posted, so deleting it from the Yahoo group doesn't affect me at all, I don't even notice what that happens.

It is kind of rude if he/she isn't also sending you a msg describing WHY the msg is being deleted.


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