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$14500 Yo hev 67MPGe ts:75mph range:680mi ultracap petrol/CH4 rotary-vane-ice

[image & video] Russian Billionaire Unveils Country's First hybrid Car
By Larry E. Hall  Dec 15 2010

Russia’s second richest man, billionaire Mikhail D. Prokhorov ... [is
the sole investor of the] the first Russian hybrid vehicle, the Yo,
this week in Moscow ... the three prototypes shown —a two-door car,
a minivan, and a small cargo van— are touted as being the world’s
first natural gas hybrid vehicles.

The Yo’s drivetrain is a hybrid design that operates with two small
electric motors, a bank of capacitors and a small engine that can burn
either gasoline or natural gas. The engine operates almost continuously,
generating electricity that powers the motors
directly or charges the capacitors that discharge energy for
start-and-stop city driving ...

[The ice] is a “rotary vane” type ... the pistons move in a circular
arc. The advantage of this design is there are few moving parts
resulting in a smooth operation. [Rotary vanes are actually an old
technology that was patented in 1874. It is used today in automobile
superchargers, power steering and transmission pumps.]

During the press introduction, engineers said that at around 67 miles
per gallon, the Yo delivers better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius
(51 mpg) and has a range of 680 miles when both its natural gas and
gasoline tanks are filled. The fuel mileage is due in part because the
car is lightweight and also because of the unusual engine. According
to Yo chief engineer, Andrei G. Ginzberg, the engine is a
Soviet-legacy design that had limited use in Germany in the 1930s but
was then cast off, except in the Soviet Union. Soviet scientists
continued to work on it at a secret laboratory in the Siberian city of
Novosibirsk but it was never commercialized ...

An initial investment of about $200 million will be made in a new
Russian company called ë-Mobile, which will also manufacture the Yo in
a venture with St. Petersburg carmaker Yarovit-Motors. Production is
expected in mid-2012 and most of the components will be from Russia or
the former Soviet Union. With a selling price of $14,500, the group
forecasts 10,000 units annually, which is about 0.5% of Russia’s 2010
new car sales.

As for the name Yo, it’s how the letter “e” is pronounced in Russian.
To the Russian ear it suggests something obscene, but a spokesman
said, “We have no problems with that—everyone interprets it as he
[video] Yo! for Ё: New hybrid car by Russian magnate in drive for eco

Russia debuts its first hybrid ... Called ‘Yo’ the hybrid model has a
top speed of 120 kilometres and consumes 3.5 litres of fuel per 100
kilometres. Three concept forms have been revealed as part of the
display, with the new Yo appearing as a a microvan, a cross coupe, and
a minitruck.

Russian hybrid Set for production in 2012 the cars are on public
display at a pavilion in down town Moscow until January 11, 2011.
Expected to retail for around 450,000 rubles (around £9400), the
hybrid car is a first for Russia, a country not known for
investing in alternative fuel vehicles.

The name ‘Yo’ is actually name is written in the Russian letter E with
two dots over it explicitly pointing to its country of origin.

Alexander Sinkevich, the technical director of the Yo-Auto company
project, explained to Russian news agency Itar-Tass, why it had
selected to build a hybrid rather than a full electric vehicle: “If
the world motor fleet is replaced with electrical cars, global
electricity consumption will go up four-fold, but there are shortages
of electricity supplies already now,” he said, adding “the future
belongs to hybrid cars.”

“hybrid power units of such cars generate electricity from natural
gas, which weighs less, and it take less time to charge the car.
Moreover, hybrid cars have a longer fuel distance than electric cars,”
he said. Yarovit Motors intends to manufacture 10,000 Yo mobiles a
year, beginning in late 2011. [© Copyright 2000-2011 Really Good
Domains Ltd]

[image] The unexpected Russian hybrid, the ë-mobile from Mikhail
Prokhorov  Jan 4 2011 ... Even in Russia, many drivers prefer to buy
an used German car than a new Russian one. So Mikhail Prokhorov ... to
launch a new car company, making hybrid models every Russian could be
proud of ... right now I can’t think of anything from Russia I would
like to own. Even Swedish vodka is better than the Russian one.
[© 2011 Motor Nature]

Russian firm to produce cheap hybrid cars
January 21, 2010 Yarovit-Motors, said it was preparing to launch a
project to produce low-cost hybrid cars ... The hybrid cars will
reportedly sell for around 9,000 euros (12,700 dollars).
Metropol bank analyst Andrei Rozhkov said the investment would be
around 1.5 billion dollars, with initial production of 500 cars a
year. The Yarovit plant was set up in 2003 in the northern Russian
city of Saint Petersburg -- a major hub for the Russian auto industry
... (c) 2010 AFP [© PhysOrg.com 2003-2010]

[image] Russia's Richest Man Plans to Launch New City Car  by Jeremy
Korzeniewski   Mikhail Prokhorov ... is reportedly planning to launch
a new city car through his Onexim Group ... the machine would be going
up against such well-known and formidable competitors as Volkswagen
and General Motors ... [Inside Line ©2011 AOL Inc. All Rights Reserved]

Consumers Being Persuaded to go Electric – A Look at Electric Car
Incentives  by Andy Soos  28 Dec 2010 ... In a joint announcement
between Russian automobile manufacturer YAROVIT Motors and financial
company Onexim Group, the E-Mobile (or Yo) hybrid vehicle was
unveiled to the world.

The vehicle is being seen by many as one way of working towards
President Dmitry Medvedev’s plan to move Russia’s economy away from
reliance on fossil and carbon based fuel sources. The E-Mobile is
expected to see a full distribution sometime in 2012 after an
investment of around $200 million is made towards the construction of
a production and assembly plant for the new car.

While exact details are slim on the technical aspect of the E-Mobile
electric vehicle hybrid some information was announced during the
unveiling. The E-Mobile is intended as an electric and gasoline or
natural gas hybrid that will allow the vehicle to extend its gas
mileage to around sixty seven miles per gallon and it is said that it
has a top speed of approximately eighty one miles per hour. In the
announcement Prokhorov also said that the E-Mobile could have a
potential range of around 680 miles. Currently, the E-Mobile is
expected to cost around $14,500 once it hits the market in Russia ...



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Re: ë-mobile

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PM Putin test drives Russia's first hybrid

Yo-mobile 4wd hev production in the second half of 2012

[image] Putin test drives Russia's first hybrid car to presidential
meeting  Apr 7 2011

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin sits behind the wheel of the
Yo-mobile. EPA]
Putin drives the hybrid Yo-mobile to meeting with Medvedev

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin drove Russia's first hybrid
car to a meeting with the country's president, Dmitry Medvedev, last

The Yo-mobile was created by Yo-auto, a completely Russian joint
venture project between truck manufacturer Yarovit and billionaire
Mikhail Prokhorov's Onexim group. Prokhorov sat in the passenger seat
as Putin drove the five kilometres between venues.

The car uses a rotary engine and ultra capacitators, an energy-storing
device seen as an alternative to lithium-ion batteries. "Lithium-ion
batteries are a mistake, a dead-end," the car's developer, Andrei
Biryukov, told Reuters news agency.

Prokhorov, who believes the car could bring Russia a competitive edge
in the global automotive industry, said the Yo-mobile will go into
production in the second half of 2012, and expects to produce 10,000
cars a year. The car will burn 3.5L of fuel per 100 km and will cost
about 450,000 roubles (Dh52,000), according to the company ...

[video Putin test-drives Yo-mobile to Medvedev's residence
rianews on Apr 1 2011
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin test-drove Russia's new
Yo-mobile hybrid car on a ten kilometer route from his residence to
President Medvedev's country house outside Moscow on Friday.]
[video Putin test-drives Russian Ё-mobil hybrid car
RussiaToday on Apr 1 2011
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took the new Russian hybrid car, called
the Yo, through a test drive, adding to his extensive list of vehicles
he has personally put through the turns.]
[video Yo! for Ё: New hybrid car by Russian magnate in drive for eco
future  RussiaToday on Dec 13, 2010
There's a new car on the way which could help re-energize Russia's
motor market - and this time, it's no gas guzzler. "Ё-мобиль"
(Yo-Mobil) is the country's first hybrid vehicle, and designers hope
it'll make eco-friendly driving more affordable.]
[video Russian Rotary Vane Engine
tupolev12 on Dec 19, 2010
Rotary Vane Engine proposed to power Russian hybrid car 'ё мобиль'
(Yo Mobile).]
[Autoblog.gr | Copyright: 2008-2011]