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Nissan’s ‘Sky to Scoop’ All-Electric Ice Cream Van campaign receives two
awards at the PRCA National Awards
14 November 2019  Robin Whitlock

[image  / Courtesy of Nissan
 e-nv200 Nissan’s ‘Sky to Scoop’ All-Electric Ice Cream Van campaign
receives two awards at the PRCA National Awards

Nissan’s all-electric, zero-emission ice cream van campaign has won both the
‘Automotive Award’ and the ‘Media Relations Award’ at the 2019 PRCA (Public
Relations and Communications Association) National awards.

The concept ice cream van combines a zero-emission drivetrain, second life
battery storage and renewable solar energy generation. Nissan partnered with
Mackie’s of Scotland for the project. Mackie’s ice cream is produced at its
family-owned dairy farm by renewable wind and solar energy. The campaign
demonstrated how a ‘Sky to Scoop’ approach can remove carbon dependence at
every stage of the ice cream journey.

Most ice cream vans, particularly older models, have diesel engines which
are kept running to operate the refrigeration equipment. These vehicles are
criticised for producing harmful emissions, including black carbon, when
left idling. Some UK towns and cities are now looking to ban or fine these
vehicles. The ‘Sky to Scoop’ campaign presented a potential solution for
vendors looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and offer customers a
better experience.

“We are absolutely delighted that our ‘Sky to Scoop’ campaign has received
these two prestigious awards” said David Jackson, communications director at
Nissan Motor GB Ltd. “This project is a working demonstration of how
Nissan’s Electric Ecosystem can remove carbon dependence at every stage of
the ice cream process. The reaction to the project from both public and
press has been amazing and we’re very proud to see it recognised in this

The campaign was covered extensively across all major UK media channels. The
story was covered by all national newspapers, with over 100 news articles
published. The Ice Cream van was included in feature spots on BBCs ‘The One
Show’ and ITVs ‘This Morning’ and widely reported on national radio.

The PRCA is the world’s largest PR professional body, representing well over
30,000 practitioners. The association exists to raise standards in PR and
communications, providing members with industry data, facilitating the
sharing of communications best practice and creating networking
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Sky to scoop - Mackie's of Scotland
 ... makes truly delicious ice cream from whole milk and fresh cream –
without breaking the bank! ...
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Nissan’s zero-emission ice cream van uses old EV batteries to keep things
June 20, 2019  

EVLN: mrwhippyicecream.co.uk e-NV200 ice cream e-van r:124mi
( ... Mr Whipp-E= Mr Whippy EV)
 ... Mr Whipp-E: Nissan unveils Britain's first electric ice cream van ...
Jun 23 2019  
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e-NV200 is cream of the crop for dairy deliveries
EVLN: e-NV200 EV dairy deliveries> Not your Great-Grandmum's milk float
Jan 31, 2015  

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 Used electric tuk tuk price food truck ice cream cart crepe food truck for
sale  $2,000

+ [dated]
A 99, sprinkles and no diesel: here come the electric ice-cream vans…
02 Jun 2019  Battery equipment that can make 600 cones an hour being
trialled as concerns over diesel pollution rise ... Whitby Morrison, which
makes about 80% of all ice-cream vans in the UK, will begin testing a
battery-powered ice-cream maker ... Ed Whitby ... with the television
presenter Edd China in one of the company’s first electric ice-cream vans

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