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evmatch pr: (not ready4 primetime, another home-EVSE-share)

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% Below is a link to a piece that is a pr read. If you bring up their
website, and enter a SF-CA zip code (94111), then expand the map out to show
the U.S., it only shows a few locations.
After reading the sign up agreement, I opted out from joining. Anyone
interested in offering their EVSE with this service should read the fine
In a year, a revisit to this site to see if they have improved might be
IMO, for now, I think they are not ripe/mature enough for my

EVmatch: A Creative Solution To Increase Electric Vehicle Charging Access
For Everyone
March 3rd, 2019 ... EVmatch is empowering a new generation of EV drivers who
lack home charging access. Renters — which make up over 1/3 of U.S.
Households — and multi-unit dwellers now have access to reliable and
convenient EV charging. By leveraging a network of private charging
stations, it’s easy for anyone to find and book EV charging near home, work,
or wherever your next road trip takes you ...

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