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Fastned’s 1st EV Fast-Charging Stations Now Breaking Even
April 8th, 2017  James Ayre

[videos  dated  (*Note the no-frills/frugal plain-unpainted strand-board/OSB walls)
Fastned -- Electric Car Fast Charging
Zachary Shahan  Jul 5, 2015
This video is about FastNed, an electric car fast charging leader.
Fastned Customer Support Rocks
Zachary Shahan  Jul 5, 2015

Some of Fastned’s first electric vehicle fast-charging stations have begun to break even, with the company’s first two stations producing enough revenue in March to cover leases, licenses, power costs, cleaning + maintenance, and grid connection fees.

The company expects a growing number of its fast-charging stations to reach the break-even point over the next few months, going by the press release.

The co-founder of Fastned, Bart Lubbers, commented: “After 5 years of investing it’s great to see the first stations break even. This is a real milestone. It is a compliment to the whole Fastned team and the 1,600 people that have invested in Fastned at an early stage. Revenues are growing at all stations, supported by the mega-trend of increasing number of electric cars.”

The press release continues: “The operating costs per station are limited. All 58 Fastned stations are unmanned and centrally managed from the head office. The next financial goal is to also cover these central operating expenses. Since these costs remain relatively stable when new stations are added to the network, the costs per station will decrease when new stations are added to the network. The final step to profitability of the company is also to cover depreciation and finance costs.”

Fastned is continuing to expand fairly rapidly, it should be remembered, so the company’s future is looking pretty bright…

For more information, see: Fastned Reports Strong Growth In Q4 2016 and Fastned Raised €2.5 Million In 4 Days.
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