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TechRules Turbine EV Racecar Shows Its Glowing Heart
February 26, 2019  Tom Burkart






Some interesting news from TechRules today — a closer look at the
mini-turbine that will recharge future EVs on the go.  This is a series
hybrid like an Abrams tank or certain military ships, where the power
created from the gas turbines is directly applied to the electric motors
which do the actual propulsion. What makes this new design so fascinating
and potentially game-changing is the micro nature of the turbine that
TechRules has created. A new air-bearing appears to solve a frequent
wear-out item in turbines and should make the system an interesting
long-term/long-range electric. One that you can gas up with petrol, biogas
or ethanol.

So far, so what?  Sounds just like the initial promise of the Chevy Volt ten
years ago.

What is special about using a turbine versus an ICE engine for recharging is
that the turbine is capable of generating far more power. This would
translate to a potentially rapid battery top-up but also means fewer
batteries in general are needed at any time. Less energy has to be stored
and thus could cut the giant battery price tag per vehicle to a more
manageable level.  With next-gen ultracapacitors, running the turbine at a
low hum might be enough to power 99% of driving needs. The crux would be how
smooth and efficient it could be versus the LeMans LMP1-level V4 in the
Porsche 919 racecar.

The premise is admittedly a bit vague at this point but there is undeniable
coolness in a tiny and commercially-viable turbine solution.  They even have
a new acronym for it: a Turbine-Recharged Electric Vehicle, or TREV.

A few new photos of the cooler-sized turbine here with a red cone air filter
up top are exciting — as well as the firm’s latest road-car fantasy: the
Turbo Jet “Ren RS” racecar prototype in what is said to be production

The ultimate proving ground would really be a racetrack — we hope this
whirling dervish gets to race with the best. Read the full release below the

2019 TechRules Ren RS

 - Chinese automotive R&D company, Techrules, will soon be ready to begin
production of its innovative Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV)

 - New strategy set to launch technology in fixed and mobile charging
stations as well as to commercial vehicle and passenger car OEMs

 - Smaller 15 kW turbine expands potential applications to include passenger
cars, allowing for faster commercialisation

 - Discussions are at an advanced stage regarding location for the world’s
largest micro-turbine production plant

Beijing, 25 February 2019 – The Chinese automotive R&D company, Techrules,
is approaching production readiness for its ground-breaking
Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) system which was showcased in the
Ren supercar at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

The TREV system is an all-new patent-protected series hybrid powertrain
technology comprising a turbine-generator. TREV combines extensive
experience of aviation and electric vehicle technologies with several
patented technical innovations, delivering unprecedented levels of
efficiency and performance, and ultra-low environmental impact especially
with the use of renewable fuels.

Over the past year Techrules has made significant investments to grow its
technical capabilities. World renowned electric vehicle expert Prof. Dr.
Ching Chuen Chan is overseeing a newly-established Techrules R&D centre in
Beijing. Prof. Dr. Chan is, amongst others, a member of the Chinese Academy
of Engineering, a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a Founding
Chairman of the World Electric Vehicle Association. Under his guidance a
smaller 15 kW turbine is now nearing its production readiness, making it
suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

William Jin, CEO of Techrules, said: “Since we showcased the Ren supercar
with a twin 80 kW turbine set-up at the 2017 and 2018 Geneva Motor Shows, we
received a tremendous amount of interest from OEMs around the world looking
to benefit from its exceptional range-extending capabilities for passenger
cars and commercial vehicles. So, we decided to adjust our strategy and
develop a smaller and cheaper 15 kW version which is more suitable for
commercial and passenger vehicles. This is allowing us to commercialise the
TREV system much faster: we will be ready for mass production by the end of

Techrules will use the TREV system in fixed and mobile charging stations as
well as providing it to OEMs for use in commercial vehicles and passenger

In addition, Techrules is currently looking for a suitable international
partner to help finalize the development and production of its Ren supercar,
with a longer term aim to use its TREV system for its own passenger cars.

The inventor of the new micro-turbine technology, Chief Technology Officer
of Techrules, Matthew Jin, explains: “The development of the Ren supercar is
giving us extensive real-world experience that only cements our belief that
large scale adoption of micro-turbines in electric vehicles will herald a
new age for electric mobility.

”Because the core technology of our turbine includes a brand new hybrid air
bearing system, we have a previously unavailable route to mass-production of
micro-turbines at a reasonable cost. And it can run on renewable fuels such
as ethanol and biogas, which would smoothen the transition from the age of
fossile fuels to the age of electricity. Because of its superior efficiency,
fewer batteries are needed for electric vehicles, saving significant weight
and cost, while also reducing emissions and, ultimately, urban pollution.”

Whether applied as a standalone charging system, or as a range extender in
an electric vehicle, the micro-turbine can recharge batteries anywhere and
at any time. It completely eliminates the problems of range anxiety and the
inconvenience of lengthy charging times or poor charge point availability.
Since it can use the existing infrastructure it avoids the challenges posed
by the construction, cost and capacity of charging networks.

William Jin concludes: “We are in advanced discussions with a number of
potential new partners to form strategic alliances. These will allow us to
bring our technology, including the Ren supercar, to markets around the
world, and to develop new products and commercial applications for our
advanced TREV system. But our key priority now is to conclude the
negotiations with local municipalities with the help of Professor Dr. Chan,
in order to start building the largest micro-turbine facility in the world.”

About Techrules ... based in Beijing, China ...
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