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taking care of batteries

Brian Staffanson
I have converted my car, and am driving it a little.  I was hoping to use it
for transportation to this semester of school.  But because of the super bug
shimmy, melted battery posts, and having to do homework, it never quite made
it as the daily driver to school.

I will be starting to work (exciting I know!) and will be riding in a 12
passenger van to and from work.  My car will be driven once a week or so.
Not on a regular basis.  I have 15 6V batteries from Deka.  I have a PFC20.
What is the best way of keeping these batteries in good shape so on the
occasion that I need to drive the car, it will be ready.  This could be a 4
mile round trip to the local store, or the 20 mile trip into town to do more
shopping.  The weather where I live is dry and cold, down to 20 degrees at
night or so, up to around 40 degrees currently.  It snows occasionally, (but
we could use more).

If I keep the PFC 20 on low current mode, with a long time out, it would
work?  Or would it be better to get 15 small float chargers to keep the pack
ready to go?  What would be the best way to go?

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