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Women Love Tesla
July 9th, 2019  Johnna Crider

Shelly Fraval @veganshelly  Replying to @USATODAY
“I think we tend to look at Tesla more as toys.”
Well guess what @NathanBomey,
WOMEN LIKE TOYS TOO!!  #Tesla #WeChooseTesla #WomenChooseTesla
11:54 AM - 8 Jul 2019

K10? @Kristennetten  Replying to @tesla_truth
I absolutely love @Tesla ??
I fell in Iove with the mission, the design and beauty of the cars was a
huge perk.  
After you test drive a Tesla, you want one. Women looking for it, know
quality when they see it. I for one like a car that can handle the curves
and isn’t gutless.
12:16 PM - 8 Jul 2019

?lisabeth Soechting ? @NuovaRealta
It happened??
?????? I am officially a T?SLA owner as of now?? ??????
Looking forward to many trips in y beautiful #ElisaBEV?? ??????
#Trsla #Model3 #TeslaDelivery @Tesla @elonmusk
2:24 AM - 24 Jun 2019

Marge  @Manic_Marge
In case anyone wondered what the inside of a tennis ball looks like...
Maggie Maye took it upon herself to find out.  ????????????????
#NotSorry #Research #Tesla #TeslaTuesday #TennisBall #GSD #GermanShepherd
#ShotoniPhone #PortraitMode #FanArt #ThankYou
3:23 PM - 2 Jul 2019 from San Diego, CA

— Bonnie Norman (@bonnienorman) July 9, 2019

— Jenn (@Jennerator211) July 8, 2019

— Dawesome (@Edawesome22) July 8, 2019

— Brinda Thomas (@mc2maven) July 8, 2019


USA Today published an article [
] yesterday with the headline “Why Tesla ‘has a problem appealing to women’:
Electric cars, Elon Musk may be off-putting.”

The article goes on to talk with a couple of women who described why they
don’t want a Tesla and list their own reasons — and that’s fine. However,
they don’t represent all women, especially many female Tesla owners and
female Tesla fans planning to purchase a Tesla.

The article mentioned that several reasons Tesla is supposedly struggling to
sell vehicles to women. One of those was “distaste for the macho image
projected by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.”

It was also mentioned that Teslas are seen more like toys. As a woman, I
personally tend to disagree with that, while also understanding why someone
would see Tesla as a toy. Speaking of toys, women are allowed to have fun,
too. Life is too short not to enjoy your favorite things.

    “I think we tend to look at Tesla more as toys.”
    Well guess what @NathanBomey,
    WOMEN LIKE TOYS TOO!!#Tesla#WeChooseTesla#WomenChooseTesla
    — Shelly Fraval (@veganshelly) July 8, 2019

Tesla still has the image of being a luxury car despite the fact that you
can get one starting at $35,000, or $399 a month with Tesla’s leasing

However, I am just one woman who is a fan of Tesla and plans for my first
car to be a Tesla. Since I am just one person, I reached out to several
ladies I know on Twitter who happen to own and love their Teslas.

I asked them these questions:
Why did you choose Tesla and why do you love your car?

    I absolutely love @Tesla ??
    I fell in Iove with the mission, the design and beauty of the cars was a
huge perk.
    After you test drive a Tesla, you want one. Women looking for it, know
quality when they see it. I for one like a car that can handle the curves
and isn’t gutless. pic.twitter.com/iW0jGf1y64
    — K10? (@Kristennetten) July 8, 2019

Kristen says:

“I chose Tesla in a deeper sense because it’s more than a car company. Tesla
acknowledges life, it acknowledges our planet. It has set a mission to make
clean energy offset CO2 from legacy car makers industry. Elon isn’t just
flippantly creating an industry disruption to pin to his list of
accomplishments. He’s passionate about correcting the horrendous onslaught
of the anthropogenic mess we are bathing in.

“I believe in the beauty and functionality of that The Tesla, aside from the
environmental eco-stewardship, is a powerful car. I can’t drive a gutless
vehicle. It has to have power. I highly enjoy driving, I am very kinesthetic
and spatially inclined. Tesla will pass cars ridiculously with ease. It’s an
immediate thought to action response.No lag like an ICE vehicle. Plus they
are stunning. I have no desire to look at other cars. I am very pleased.

“I research every car I purchase. Horsepower, crash ratings, long term
stability, consumer reviews, internal space, specs, etc. I usually go with a
Japanese Vehicle, like Toyota or Honda, they last forever. Tesla will
surpass all this. No more ICE, no more occasional repairs, no more oil

“I haven’t even written on FSD and AP .. this car is insanely pleasing. It
gives me surprises in software updates, constantly. Not just fine-tuning the
car itself, but fun games and secret Easter eggs. Any other new car just
sits there and looks pretty. I prefer depth. I choose Tesla.”

    It happened??
    ?????? I am officially a T?SLA owner as of now?? ??????
    Looking forward to many trips in y beautiful #ElisaBEV?? ??????#Trsla
#Model3 #TeslaDelivery @Tesla @elonmusk pic.twitter.com/Ru9cYdAcba
    — ?lisabeth Soechting (@NuovaRealta) June 24, 2019

Elisabeth, who is a brand new Tesla owner, says:

“The first Teslas in the streets caught my attention because of their
design. They were just super beautiful cars. Then we rented a ModelS and I
was hooked on driving Tesla.

“Next step I read Elon’s bio by Ashlee Vance, watched all of his interviews,
and was hooked to Elon’s personality, his genius, and his vision and

“I love every aspect of my Model 3!! The design and minimalist interior. I
adore the white seats, so soft and smooth, yet sporty, and they don’t heat
up in the sun! I love the driving experience, especially letting AP do the
work on the freeway. the sense of community when waving at other Tesla
drivers, and — you wouldn’t believe it — Supercharging!! Gives me and my
puppy a necessary break, coffee, maybe a chat with another friendly owner.”

    In case anyone wondered what the inside of a tennis ball looks like…
Maggie Maye took it upon herself to find out.
    ????????????????#NotSorry #Research #Tesla #TeslaTuesday #TennisBall
#GSD #GermanShepherd #ShotoniPhone #PortraitMode #FanArt #ThankYou
    — Marge ?? (@Manic_Marge) July 2, 2019

Marge says:

“My husband and I choose the Tesla Model S because it’s the best vehicle
I’ve ever driven to date. It’s powerful, sleek, and safe. The vehicles are
beautifully designed & engineered, have a low carbon footprint on the
environment and are built solid, making them safe for the whole family.

“Fun fact: in the past year, our Model S 100D has helped transport 3 rescue
dogs to freedom in California (one of which we personally adopted),
delivered supplies to 4 California animal shelters, and assisted in
countless philanthropic missions that benefit our planet. We support Elon
Musk 100% and his vision for a sustainable future and are happy to help any
way we can. We are looking forward to getting more Tesla vehicles and
products in the future!”

I also spoke with women who, like me, are not yet Tesla owners but plan to

    Had an absolute blast driving @Sofiaan’s P3D! pic.twitter.com/hN8TfNqajI
    — Viv ?? (@flcnhvy) July 8, 2019

Viv says:
“While many people have used the iPhone analogy before, there really is a
striking similarity between my first iPhone and my first ride in a Tesla.
Yes, a ride! A very nice Tesla employee gave a friend and me a ride before I
got my license. While learning how to drive, I chose a school based on the
fact that they had a Model S.

“What I love about Tesla are not just the cars, the instant torque, that
mind-blowing acceleration that is super addicting, the entire environmental
aspect and low maintenance or the nerdy Easter eggs that make ownership and
driving experience so unique–is the community.

“What other car comes with a bunch of new friends that bond not just over
the shared experience of owning a product, but who really care about
contributing to a better future for all? And–disclaimer-I don’t even own a
Tesla yet, but I have had many wonderful experiences all because of a car
company. The best car company.”

    Whoop whoop! ??????
    ???? UK is generating over 20% of their grid electricity from solar
today! ??#renewables #solarpanels#savetheplanet #goEV #gosolar @bobbyllew is
over the moon for sure ????@elonmusk have a lookie…
    — ??nika Woj?as?va (@MoWo91) June 29, 2019

Monika says:
“When I was little I wondered why we couldn’t have electric cars on our
roads, just like the one I was playing with. I was told it is not possible
and to stop asking silly questions. Well, Tesla has proven everybody wrong.
They survived the manufacturing hell and the financial troubles with their
heads up high.

“Elon Musk and his team poured their hearts and souls into this project.
They started a massive chain reaction in EV making in the automotive
industry. They changed the way humans think and once you sit in this
beautiful piece of art you wouldn’t want to go back. Tesla doesn’t just
bring you joy from driving it. It is part of your family for most of your
life. Its hardware is exquisite, well-made with a robust frame, which proves
the 5* safety ratings in the certified crash tests. You don’t just buy a
car, you make an investment in the future.

“It was said that the hardware won’t get much better, however, the software
will. Why do I love Tesla? Safety, cleaner air, sustainable mining for
precious metals and constant development and improvement in the technology
which will hopefully bring us cobalt-free dry battery electrodes soon. So
funnily enough, if you plan to buy an EV, buy a Tesla, which is still more
ecological choice than other EVs on the market at this moment. Tesla made me
believe that there is a bright future ahead of us and I am very excited
about it! Thank you Elon Musk for not giving up.”

Even the well-known parody of Steve Jobs, well his ghost now, weighed in and
invited women to participate in a thread. These are some of the tweets I, as
a woman, appreciated.

    I put money down on a Tesla Roadster Sport in 2011 & then an X (XP90D
Sig #2), and now what I'm driving (XP100D Founders 130). Back then friends
thought I'd bought some little toy, not a real car. Now they're all driving

    I ?? this community. pic.twitter.com/WdqX6vpM59
    — Bonnie Norman (@bonnienorman) July 9, 2019

    I have loved Tesla since the first time I saw one in 2013 and vowed to
one day buy one. "One day" arrived 6 years later and I've never been more
ecstatic about a car, EVER. Best. Decision. EVER. pic.twitter.com/fv12iLQ3sw
    — Jenn (@Jennerator211) July 8, 2019

    Begged the hubs for months to help me trade in my Mercedes C300 for my
#Model3. He surprised me with it and personal delivery by #CardboardCutout
@elonmusk and I’ve never looked back! pic.twitter.com/5KgQlel8aF
    — Dawesome (@Edawesome22) July 8, 2019

    My Pandora is fierce and so am I. Love my #Model3
    — ReadorDie (@snowflake9903) July 8, 2019

    Yes! ?? my Tesla. Excited to be part of the autonomous electric vehicle
revolution. #TeamRed pic.twitter.com/lnjax3b42J
    — Brinda Thomas (@mc2maven) July 8, 2019

My Own Thoughts
My personal thoughts on the USA Today article were that they should have
asked women who owned Teslas, or women who want to own a Tesla or plan to
buy one, how Tesla can better appeal to the ladies. I think that including
women who are Tesla owners or plan to become Tesla owners would have made
the article more approachable.

I also think that looking for flaws just to point them out just for
attention-seeking purposes is not a feasible solution. Instead, we should
look for flaws to help Tesla create a better product. This is how companies
grow — by evolving from their flaws. For this article, I think it would
require asking women who do not like or own a Tesla as well as women who do
for their input on how Tesla could appeal to someone who may have never
heard of it.

When companies market to women, they have an image in their head of what
that woman does, sees, and how she perceives things. But, many don’t realize
that women are all unique individuals and we don’t fall into the little
boxes many seek to put us in. Instead, we jump out and make our own forts.

My point is aimed toward the comments about Elon being macho and Teslas
being like toys. I’ve heard the expressions time and again about “boys and
their toys,” and often cars are seen as “boy toys.” I think Tesla is
actually more than just a toy and is an actual tool that will benefit our

Romance Mode is fun, and so are all the games, Fart Mode, and other Easter
Eggs that Tesla provides for the purpose of simply enjoying life and having
fun. Girls and women can enjoy them, too — and they do.
[© cleantechnica.com]
 search Tesla has a problem appealing to women

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