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Walmart Electric Highway
Dec 02, 2018

Walmart opens 120 electric vehicle charging stations across U.S.
JUNE 6, 2019  Nicholas Sakelaris

Walmart now has 120 ultra-fast electric chargers at its stores with more to
come. Photo courtesy of Walmart

June 6 (UPI) -- Walmart has installed electric vehicle charging stations at
more than 120 locations across the United States, the retailer said Thursday
-- and plans more in the future.

Walmart partnered with Electrify America to install and operate the chargers
to meet the goal of becoming the largest retail host for chargers in the

"This milestone marks an important moment in the expansion of our charging
station network," Electrify America COO Brendan Jones said in a statement.
"We look forward to continuing our work with Walmart to make electric
vehicle charging faster and more convenient for consumers across the
country, and in turn, encourage more adoption of zero-emissions vehicles."

The chargers are located at stores in 34 states, mostly off major highways.
Dozens more chargers are planned for major metro areas. The Electrify
America chargers have been installed quickly, with the first in Hope, Ark.,
last summer. Since then, new chargers have opened every three days, on

The chargers are mostly concentrated on the east and west coasts or in major
urban areas. The charger network gives electric vehicle owners access to
rural communities and driving routes.

The next phase of charger stations will put them in an additional 12 states,
including California, the United States' largest EV market.

Electrify America said it will invest $2 billion over the next decade in
electric vehicle infrastructure and education. Overall, more than 2,000
chargers across 484 sites in 17 metropolitan areas are planned.

Electrify America is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group of America born out of
the $10 billion settlement with U.S. federal regulators over the diesel
emission scandal of 2016.

Walmart also said this week it's upgrading the look of employees. Gone are
the normal blue vests in favor of a more environmentally friendly design.
All 160,000 Walmart employees will get new vests that are weaved from
recycled plastic bottles. Each is made from 15 bottles. The darker blue/gray
fabric is lighter weight, breathable and more stain resistant. They will
come in different trim colors such as green, blue, hot pink and orange.

The vests will be personalized with v-necks and high collar versions,
similar to a turtle neck. Walmart relaxed its dress code last year, allowing
store managers to wear sneakers and employees to wear any color jeans they
[© upi.com]
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Volkswagen aims to plan 36,000 charging points for electric vehicles in
JUNE 6, 2019  The Volkswagen Group is declaring a noteworthy extension of
its interest in electric vehicle accusing framework of designs to introduce
36,000 electric vehicle ...

 (vw tries to wash dieselgate out of its mea-culpa hair)
Emotional VW commercial shuts the door on Dieselgate, looks toward electric
JUNE 6, 2019

+ (Toyota sells EVs in a-round-about-way)
Subaru and Toyota will co-develop a new EV platform
JUNE 6, 2019  This electric vehicle architecture will first spawn a compact
SUV to be sold under both brands ...
Toyota partners with China's CATL to power electric ambitions
JUNE 07, ... is expected to supply lithium-ion batteries for Toyota-branded
electric vehicles to be released in China and other markets starting next
year ... partnership with Honda Motor to jointly develop batteries and an
agreement with Nissan Motor to supply batteries for an electric car that
debuted last year. BMW and Volkswagen use CATL batteries ...

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